Illuminated is an effort to showcase the effect of correct  lighting and to highlight the colours of Silk lanterns. These lanterns look stunning when a low powered light source is used to illuminate them. 

Hand Painted Lanterns

Hand painting your lantern is the best way to personalise your precious gift. Hand painting is available on Raw Silk and Satin Silk Lanterns. You can chose from one of our designs or send us your request. We will get them made to perfection. Use the custom order form to place your request for these lanterns

Printed Satin Silk

Custom order are accepted for printed Satin Silk Lanterns in any of the 13 shapes and in any size combination. We will send you the latest available designs to chose your print

Embroidered Jacquard Silk

We can embrodirer your Jacqaurd Silk Lanterns if you really want to have a unique experience. Youcan request your special message or your name, your logo just about anything to be embridiered.

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Our Projects

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