Introduction to Silk Scarfs

We bring you the beauty and luster of Vietnamese Silk. According to the Book of Han, Lac Viet’s silk production dated back to 2000 BC: “In a year, there were two rice crops and eight silk crops”. Some historical documents proved silk appearance in the sixth dynasty of Hung Vuong (ancient Vietnamese).

Silk, called lụa in Vietnamese, was considered an extravagant luxury in feudal times, associated with wealth and success. It was only worn by Kings, Queens, and mandarins. Vietnam’s various dynasties developed strict rules regimenting the color, ornamentation, style, and fabric of clothes worn by aristocrats

All our silk is woven in Vietnam using both ancient manual and more modern techniques. The Silk is bought from families in the Van Phuc trade village. The village has almost 1000 year old history with silk production

The Silk Fabric is brought to our workshop in Hoi An where we convert the Silk fabric into scarves. We specialize in custom made scarves and we can produce any color/shape/size to suit your needs

The first set of scarves showcased here are called Satin Silk Scarves. The Satin weave gives the scarves a very luxurious feel. The characteristic of this type of weave is a two tone color effect . These scarves are thicker than other weave patterns. These are 100% pure silk scarves